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Self-Directed 401(k)s. Quality Support. Just $49/mo.


Immediate power to invest the way you want without wasting money.
Real help, examples, and people to support you.


In less than 10 minutes you'll have full access to investment walk-thrus, detailed how-tos, and your Solo 401k underway.


Transfers and contributions made easy. Advanced distribution planning, or even help with another provider's IRA/401k.


Tax-free profits on real estate, gold, private stocks, and more... with support and our private community standing-by to help.


All the power of self-directed IRAs (plus more).
None of the waste.

  • Direct, checkbook, control. (with or without an LLC)
  • Roth and Traditional money. (in the same investment or not)
  • Tax-free loans. (fund a flip, kill junk debt...)
  • More than one person in a plan. (spouse, business partner...)
  • Unique community and support group. (experts & seasoned investors cover all angles)

Every feature is included. No extra costs.

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Use your talents and skills to invest in what you know. Sleep better and secure your future.

  • Get the satisfaction of the safest & most durable retirement structure.
  • Instantly access our top-tier support and private commuinity.
  • You can be confident in the backing & clear directions we provide.
  • Our advanced services can save you tens of thousands in distribution taxes.

Protecting what you've saved, or opening new opportunities - isn't controlling it yourself better than playing Wall Street's game?

Automatic Updates

We email you about important dates and numbers so you can focus on investing instead of paperwork.

Serious Value

Ultra simple pricing. $49/mo gets our charter members everything 80% of Americans would ever need (and more). No gotchas.

Answers Anywhere - 24/7

Answers to all the most common questions are clear and right on our phone-friendly site. Need more help? We're here.

No Waiting

We're fast. Most clients can start their rollovers within a day. Want to get deal signed basically now? We're the place.

It's like Magic

Examples, Support, Walkthrus. Videos and Papers. Everything made easy and usable.

Better Returns

Clear guidance, a full featured plan, and custom work available means more money for you year after year.

Safety First

Having things done right, with real support, keeps you safe. No 'ask your advisor' nonsense here.

100% Fully Guaranteed

Exceptional in this industry - We stand behind our plans with a six month, 100%, money-back gaurantee.

Solo 401k Facts

What's in it for you? Quality explanations & education.

Vault401k Options

We offer quality plans & a private community at an amazing price.
Have a plan from another provider? No problem. Want to talk to an ERISA attorney? We're ready.
Hourly Support
per hour
  • We handle questions regardless of plan provider
  • All hourly support is done by staff with 10+ year of experience
  • Initial, 20 minute, evaluation call is just $20 (all given to charity)
  • All support is handled to the minute
  • Vault401k plans come with an hour of paid support
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Solo 401k & Community
per month
  • Direct & total checkbook control
  • Roth & Traditional funds allowed
    Loans, multi-member, & more
  • No annual update costs - Ever
  • Plain Engish help & examples
  • Private investor community
    & case studies
  • Safer than any IRA
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Advanced Legal Work
  • Advanced issue correction
  • Tax-free earnings on pre-tax dollars
  • Estate tax bypass
  • Reduced conversion
    & distribution taxes
  • Expert annual valuations
  • Much, much, more
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Different. Better.

Our approach is different - No 'hope-you-like-it' setup costs or complex fee schedule.
As a charter member you'll have simple fixed costs and solid answers to your questions.

Invest in what you want - Rental property, precious metal buried-in-your-backyard,
lend to a local business, back a startup, or one of a hundred other things.

What do you know about? What do you care about? We'll help you invest in that.

Real Estate
Rentals, liens, flips, more.
Ever popular for a reason


Physical Metals
Gold, silver, and more.
Stored with you or abroad


Back a Business
Local or otherwise.
Invest or lend

Get what you want and be HAPPY

  • I appreciate you so much. Thank you for helping us get this done and being so patient with us.
  • This is an outstanding value. Big savings over [...]. Over $1,000 savings yearly. You don't have as much on your site but everything you have makes sense so I can use it.
  • I can't believe the distribution savings. My CPA gave it a green light - says it'll save me almost $60,000. That's more than most people make in a year and nobody (until you) said a word about it.

What we are saying?
Invest on your terms.

It's your future. Take hold of it. Our plans make it easy.