Help your clients. Give them the best value in the industry. We offer the easiest signup, tailored videos and guides, and it's fully guaranteed. People are looking for investment opportunities and diversification out of the stock market and we'll pay you to show them how to do it.

You have the freedom to offer incentives, bundles, unique promotional material and more. You’ll get reports, third-party verification, and clear, easy to understand resources to help your network understand the taxes they’ll save and opportunities this will open for them.

Why work with us?

  • Aggressively priced plans are easy to sell.
  • A solid guarantee keeps clients confident.
  • Upfront and residual commission structures mean a solid ROI for you.
  • Custom URLs,
  • Tracking phone numbers,
  • Retargeting availablility,

Our messaging can be tailored to speak straight to a range of investor niches. Physical metals, real estate, hard money lenders, cryptocurrency, overseas residents/holdings, options trading, tax liens, startups, and more. This is a flexible tool that safely supports a huge range of investments taking place tax-free.

Partners are our most important client development channel and we treat them accordingly. Our offer is generous and in the professional financial services arena but requires no license for you as an affiliate. We review and accept qualified applicants worldwide from both MaxBounty and via our direct partner program*.

Step 1 - Call 888-509-1551 or email [email protected] and we'll help evaluate if this is a fit for you.
Step 2 - Send a request via your MaxBounty account or apply for the Direct Partner Program:
Step 3 - After your first sale take a vacation on us. (Really)

Join today. Do better for your clients and yourself tomorrow.
...can’t accept compensation for referrals? No problem. We’ll donate the money to charity instead.