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Have you ever gotten in on the ground floor? Joined a club that hasn't raised its founding member rates (ever) but keeps adding and expanding what's available to you year-after-year? That's what we're offering and what you can be a part of.

Vault401k is the result of industry veterans starting with a clean sheet of paper with nothing but 'Be the best self-directed choice for 80% of Americans' written across the top.

What we've seen in this industry over the past decade-plus are people...

  • Paying custodians thousands in 'asset fees' yearly.
  • Paying custodians a per asset ‘management fee’ when they don’t manage anything.
  • Trusting custodians to keep them from doing something wrong but being given complex forms or told ‘that’s a question for your tax professional’ so they hope whatever they read covers their situation ‘pretty much’.
  • Sorting forms, signing forms, calling to find out when they’ll get back signed forms, checking where the payment is, revising forms, and sweating all the more as a closing date gets near.
  • Not knowing their IRA is an audit timebomb waiting to go off because they flipped a house or financed a deal.

All this could rob you of the retirement you deserve. Shouldn’t it be easy to invest in what you want? Free of hidden taxes?

So here’s what we’ve done to fix this for you and lead the industry in a new direction:

  • No crazy paperwork. Simple, direct, instructions and guides to accomplish all the investments most Americans want to make. Starting a plan takes about five minutes and you can invest confidently with our easy to use Loans, Roth, Profit Sharing, Multimember, Checkbook Control... and more good (and legal : ) abilities at your fingertips.
  • No bite-the-bullet or I-wonder-what’ll-it-be-next-year pricing. No setup costs, no closure costs, no ‘asset fees’ or ‘management fees’ or any of the oh-so-popular hidden fees. Every charter client pays the same low $49/mo and gets every benefit from it.
  • No being left to sort-it-out on your own. Our Q&A sessions and community monitoring mean quality help is always close by.
  • An ever expanding community of seasoned investors, CEOs, attorneys, and business coaches... all with different expertise to show you the best information on what you can be do while we guide you in safe self-directed retirement use.
  • Read over the community bit again. While our Solo 401k and support is worth more than a cup-of-coffee-a-day charter rate, we’ve lined up $900/hr attorneys and $1500/session business coaches along with a host of other professionals (like investors who’ve turned hundreds of homes in nearly a dozen states themselves) who want to help our community. We're really excited about what it can do for you that just an IRA or 401k from any other provider can't. (If you already have a self-directed account elsewhere don't worry. You can signup with us, fully benefit from the community, and we'll help you rollover from your old account to one of ours when you're ready.)
  • It’s the result of more than a decade worth of experience and reputation being deployed to make a difference for you.

Vault401k gets you up and running safely, at an aggressive price point, and offers support that can handle a huge range of things more than covering most Americans' needs so you can use it with confidence for decades to come and never get stuck. (And no-question-too-complex-multi-millions-international-operations-retirement-account support (regardless if the plan is from us or not) if you need.)

...So with Vault you get a great plan without heavy setup or asset-based costs, real support covering a huge range of questions, a community behind you, and the sky-is-the-limit before you. Just click to start growing your retirement in a whole new way in about five minutes flat.

Simple, flat, $49/mo for our Solo 401k. Owners' Club included.    

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